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Große Auswahl an Clash 100. Super Angebote für Clash 100 hier im Preisvergleich Besondere Unterkünfte Zum Kleinen Preis. Täglich Neue Angebote. 98% Kundenzufriedenheit. Preisgarantie, Keine Buchungsgebühren - Einfach, Schnell Und Siche NEW UPDATE, NEW BALANCE CHANGES. You may have noticed that we recently changed from balance changes every season to balance changes being included in our major game updates. Here are the balance changes for our Magic Items Update! CARD LIST. The following cards are receiving balance changes this update BALANCE CHANGES IN 2021. After Season 18, we are stopping monthly balance changes. We are instead going to bundle balance changes alongside major content updates, which will result in bigger, more impactful changes. This does not mean we are stopping card balancing ANPASSUNGEN DER SPIELBALANCE. NEUES UPDATE, NEUE BALANCEÄNDERUNGEN. Wie ihr vielleicht bemerkt habt, nehmen wir nicht mehr in jeder Saison Balanceänderungen vor. Sie kommen stattdessen gemeinsam mit großen Spielupdates heraus. Hier sind die Anpassungen der Spielbalance in unserem Magische-Gegenstände-Update

Upcoming Balance Changes. Greetings, Challengers! Continuing in the spirit of openness about card balance, here are the changes we're planning to bring in the next Clash Royale update -- coming in early February -- and why we're making them: Arrows: Damage decreased by 4%. Arrows are the most popular spell card in the game, and we felt you simply. These changes go live on Wednesday 9th December! This is a bigger set of balance changes than usual, as we are changing the way that we balance cards in 2021 in Clash Royale. You can read more about this at the end of this post Clash Royale Q1 2021 balance changes - Cards that received buff Mother Witch. Damage: +14%; Hit Speed: +8%; First Hit: Faster (0.1sec) Mother witch is having a nice increase in its dps by improving damage and reducing the time necessary to land a hit. That may make her shine without needing to be facing big groups of units The most used decks have changed a lot since they were nerfed, every other deck has Fireball, which counters any 3M deck well if played correctly. Deploy time should either be made even faster or 3M should be made their own card (not connected to Musketeer) and balanced accordingly

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Season 7 balance changes take a look at some of the most dominant cards from the recent meta (Night Witch & Elixir Golem) as well as Fisherman and Lava Hound! NIGHT WITCH Initial Bat Spawn Speed reduced: 1.3s -> 3.5 Balance Changes Sparky : Hit speed increased to 4sec (from 5sec), damage decreased by 15% Tesla : Damage increased by 41%, hit speed decreased to 1sec (from 0.8sec Season 23 Golden Dragon Spa - Seasonal Content 4-Card Cycle - Shortest Path to the Same Card Season 22 Pekka's Playhouse - Seasonal Content Magic Items - 2021 Q1 Game Client Update Balance Changes - 2021 Q1 Game Client Update Clash Royale League (CRL) 2021: Round 1 Stats Season 21 Birthday Royale Battle Healer Emote Giveaway Tournaments Season 21 Birthday Royale - Seasonal Content Clash. The Clash Royale balance team has tried to nerf Graveyard in Season 17 — unsuccessfully — and decided to revert the change two weeks later in the November client update. However, they recognize that Graveyard consistently ranks at the top of all the win-conditions, and so they have decided to nerf it in a different way

Big Balance Change Update in Clash RoyaleSubscribe to Me: https://goo.gl/qFh722Watch, First 12 win w/ EGIANT, https://bit.ly/34DOouZToday in Clash Royale we'.. Balance Änderungen sehen wie folgt aus: Heilerin und Royal Ghost erhalten eine Hovermechanik. Das heißt sie schweben und können so überall über den Fluss schweben, ohne die Brücke benutzen zu müssen. Musketier: Der erste Schuss wird verspätetet kommen. Mal wieder wird hier ein Parameter verändert, welches nicht angezeigt wird und somit kaum nachvollziehbar ist. Ich hasse das so sehr, dass SC es nicht hinbekommt, alle relevanten Informationen zu einer Karte Preiszugeben. Heal Spirit has been dominating in challenges and on ladder. Decreasing its heal radius (a -23% area decrease) will decrease the amount of troops it can heal, while being able to perform its primary function of keeping troops alive. Overall, this should keep its value in-check for this single-elixir card

Clash Royale March 2021 Balance Changes. Home. Clash Royale March 2021 Balance Changes. 23rd March 2021 Hat den Titel des Themas von Balance Changes zu Balance Changes 01.2020 geändert Balance Changes Update | CWA Mobile GamingSubscribe to Me: https://goo.gl/qFh722Watch, Clash Royale Balance Update is coming! Today we'll talk about the upco.. THE BOMBER IS FINALLY NERFED! - Clash Royale Balance Changes March 30th, 2021. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch. New Balance Update coming June 12th! Night Witch, Bats Tornado, Goblin Gang, Skeletons and Bats NERFED! Heal, Poison, Bandit, Inferno Dragon, Witch, Clone Sp..

IN THIS VIDEO I AM GOING TO EXPLAIN CLASH ROYALE SEASON 12 BALANCE CHANGES IN DETAILS.#clashroyale#season12#balancechanges#clashroyaleupdate#clashroyaleseso.. Skeleton Dragons got nerfed in Season 13, but that hasn't affected their use rates and win rates, so they are getting a Hit Speed nerf in Season 16.; As usual, care should be taken when discussing Hit Speed in Clash Royale. The game info screen expresses this number in seconds, which is technically the time interval between each hit. The math for calculating the actual change of speed is thus The Clash Royale balance team felt that while it's cool for spells to have healthy use rates, they provide too much value if used to destroy troops next to the opponent's tower. In recent meta, there has been an unhealthy trend for Spell Cycle strategies, which tend to be both stale and frustrating. For these reasons, the team has decided to give a slight reduction to spell damages.



Published on October 5th, 2020 Clash Royale Season 16 released on 5th October, with the balance updates to follow on 6th October. While Supercell is yet to deploy the balance update, the balance changes for Clash Royale Season 16 has already been detailed, alongside two new cards as well as the Pass Royale rewards. Volume 0 Ok wenn es so ist, wird es wahrscheinlich jetzt bald die nächsten Balance Changes geben weil der Magic Archer von einem Feuerball geonehittet wird. Das ganze passiert wie früher beim ElektroMagier! Der Magic Archer wird wahrscheinlich bald gebufft Clash Royale Season 15 balance changes: Heal Spirit (Nerf): The healing radius has been decreased by 12.5%. The heal area has been reduced by 23%. Zappies (Buff): Their first hit will now be 18% faster at just 0.9 seconds. Bomber (Buff): The hit time and DPS has been increased by 5%. Fire Spirits (Buff): The radius has been increased. Clash Royale Season 14 is already upon us, but we will need to wait a few more hours before Supercell releases the balance changes accompanying the patch. Clash Royale Season 14 Arrives, Balance Changes Rolling Out Soon! The Clash Royale Season 14 patch is still pending, expected to arrive in the wee hours of August 4

Welcome to our Clash Royale update hub! This is your one stop shop for all balance updates, changes, and new cards for Supercell's hit mobile game Clash Royale Balance Changes Coming (9/19) Hello guys, as always, Supercell is about to release a new Clash Royale Balance Changes Coming with lots of new balance changes to refresh the game and make things more balanced.Last (8/24) Update They nerf the Royal Giant (good news right?) and some Legendary Cards. Clash Royale Balance Changes Comin Clash Royale Balance Changes on your device for free. 100% Safe Download The items have been added to streamline progression in the mobile game. With this update, Supercell is also making balance changes to Clash Royale for the first time in three seasons. The.. The Clash Royale Season 11 balance changes (Picture: Supercell) If you play Clash Royale at a high trophy level, you will see Tornado used in just about every match. It is a universal counter just about every attack, and it can work in any matchup imaginable. The Tornado rework might look like a buff, and most changes do point towards the card getting an overall buff. However, the duration.


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  1. Schritt 1 Starte Clash Royale und tippe auf deinen Namen Schritt 2 Kopiere dein Spielerkürzel, indem du unter deinem Namen darauf tippst Schritt 3 Füge dein Spielerkürzel in das Suchfeld ein und klick zum Suchen auf die Lup
  2. Balance Changes - Clash Royale Season 14 (August 2020) • Posted by 1 month ago. Balance Changes - Clash Royale Season 14 (August 2020) Balance. 60 points. 89 comments. 96 comments. share. save hide report. 87% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. View discussions in 1 other community. level 1. 27 points · 1 month ago. They didn't want to nerf log.
  3. With this update, Supercell is also making balance changes to Clash Royale for the first time in three seasons. The developers have begun balancing the game every quarter instead of monthly changes. Related: Clash Royale's season 22 is called P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse. Here are the complete patch notes for Clash Royale's Magic Items update
  4. Supercell has detailed the Clash Royale Season 15 balance changes as well as the Pass Royale rewards for players to grind towards. Published on September 8th, 2020. More than a week ago, Supercell released the Clan Wars 2.0 update while Season 14 of Clash Royale was still going on. On 8th September, Clash Royale Season 15 gets underway, with a new.
  5. Balance Changes - Clash Royale Season 18 (December 2020) December Balance Update | Season 18 Live on 2020-12-08 Balance changes will change from monthly to quarterly

Balance Changes - August 2019 : ClashRoyale. 4.2k. Posted by. u/smlbiobot. RoyaleAPI. 1 year ago. Archived Clash Royale Season 14 balance changes. Arguably the biggest balance change coming with the Clash Royale Season 14 patch is how Supercell nerfed damage-dealing spells against towers. Across the board, there's a 5% decrease in damage from spells against towers. This is from 35% to 30% Cards that are the most likely candidates for balance changes. Magic Archer. Wall Breakers. Bomb Tower . Electro Wizard. Magic Archer and Wall Breakers form the core of a very popular and fast-cycling deck. We are rolling out the Miner nerf in Season 9 to see how it will impact the high level metagame, but if both cards remain dominant at high ladder and challenges, one (or both) will likely. Published on October 5th, 2020 Clash Royale Season 16 released on 5th October, with the balance updates to follow on 6th October. While Supercell is yet to deploy the balance update, the balance changes for Clash Royale Season 16 has already been detailed, alongside two new cards as well as the Pass Royale rewards. Volume 0 Clash Royale Season 18 balance changes X-Bow (Rework):. Guards (Rework):. Goblin Giant (Buff):. Witch (Buff):. Bats (Buff):. Barbarian Hut (Nerf):. Graveyard (Nerf):. Health Spirit (Nerf):. Fisherman (Nerf):. Electro Wizard (Nerf):. Skeleton Barrel (Nerf):. It will be interesting to see.

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  1. g on 6/21. In this round of balance changes we're toning down the Hog Rider and giving alternative offensive options a boost, including the X-Bow! Hog Rider: Damage decreased by six percent - Hog Rider is currently the top choice for tower destruction! While we really enjoy seeing more offensive and action-packed games, we'd ideally like to see a bigger range of offensive cards used. The first step to achieving this is.
  2. Some balance changes I'd like to see later, thoughts? Balance Discussion. 1/4. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the ClashRoyaleSerious community. 12. Posted by 6 days ago. Why Xbow Feels Toxic.
  3. Clash Royale November Balance Change Update (1/11) Hey guys, today Supercell has announced the new balance change update which will be released on November 1st. In this update, Supercell are taking a look at Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Inferno Tower and the Rage Spell. Ice Golem Death Damage increased by 74% . This change helps Ice Golem kill Skeletons nearby upon death at Tournament Rule card.

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Season 4 is just around the corner (October 7th) and we wanted to share the balance changes that will be taking place before they drop. Alongside the balance changes, Clash Royale game designer Seth (u/Supercell-Seth) has provided the 'why' behind them - which you can read below the stat changes Conversely I like the night witch change as it separates the two cards a little more. Wallbreakers is a scary change, hard to predict though. May become pretty strong. Fisherman will still be strong, evidenced by his high underleveled use on higher ladder (underleved fisherman already didnt kill knife gobs). Still, this will help reign him in a little at tourny standard, though I wouldn't be suprised to see another nerf next month Clash Royale Patch Notes: Season 12 Brings Pass Royale And Long-awaited Balance Changes Clash Royale Season 12 has introduced a Pass Royale, new card, and some important balance changes to the game. Read on for complete Clash Royale patch notes. Written By. Danish Ansari . Finnish giant Supercell has rolled out a new update for its popular strategy game Clash Royale. The latest update brings a. Clash Royale Season 14 goes live with balance changes expected on August 4 The patch will introduce various alterations and specifically dampen spell damage against towers Supercell hopes to liven up the pace and avoid drab spell-dependent builds in futur

Balance changes will be made every three months instead of every month. The post Clash Royale to shift to quarterly balance changes appeared first on Dot Esports Seit Juni 2018 haben wir in Clash Royale monatliche Spielbalance-Updates einiger Karten vorgenommen. Nach einem Jahr monatlicher Spielbalance-Änderungen denken wir, dass sich das Spiel - mit Ausnahme einiger Karten, die mehr als kleinere Balance-Änderungen benötigen - in einem sehr guten Zustand befindet. Was bedeutet das On Saturday, Supercell announced a new round of balance changes coming to the Clash Royale arena next week. The changes will bring buffs and nerfs to seven cards in the arena while ushering in a new card as well. Find out everything that's new and changing in the Clash Royale February 2018 balance changes below Hallo, bin mir ziemlich sicher welche Karten diesmal bei den balance changes dabei sind. Deshalb hier meine Vorraussage: Nerfs:-Königsgeist-Königsschweinchen-Grabstein. Buffs:-Eismagier (wurde schon bestätigt)-Skelettarmee -Koboldhütte-Xbogen-Scharfsrichter. Kevmonster. Baumeister. Reaktionen 117 Beiträge 217. 27. September 2018 #2 #2; Scharfrichter würde ich feiern, kann ich mir.

Hey guys, it's time for another round of balance changes. Finally. It's been a few months since the last balance change came and this was mainly due to the fact that so many new items were getting added in game. This time Supercell has taken a very different approach on various cards, and there are not that many cards that are being tweaked. So let's get into them! The Nerfs: Every round. New balance changes are here in Clash Royale, with a buff coming to cards like executioner and barbarian barrel and nerfs coming for witch and elixir golem. This balancing update will be released November 4th, 2019 in Clash Royale, with 6 different nerfs and buffs coming. Here are all the balance changes coming to the Novembe

The Clash Royale Season 13 balance changes will go live one day after the release of the new season, on 7th July 2020. Clash Royale Season 13 new modes. Players will be able to enjoy two new modes in Clash Royale Season 13. The Floor Is Healing. Every troop and tower heals automatically! No buildings. Locked-create-a-deck mode. Stop The Giant! Locked-Create-a-deck mode with 1 Giant. Giant is. Royal Giant. This win condition is very popular in competitive scenes like the Clash Royale League, but looks very balanced when looking at the overall population. We feel that in an environment where defense is near perfect, Royal Giant is popular (along with Lumberjack) to brute force damage through. We hope the Lumberjack nerf diversifies. Dieser Link verlinkt direkt ins Spiel, daher musst du auf deinem Gerät Clash Royale installiert haben, um diesen Link öffnen zu können. Link öffnen In Ihrem Webbrowser ist JavaScript deaktiviert New balance changes are here in Clash Royale, with a buff coming to cards like executioner and royal ghost and nerfs coming for PEKKA and dark prince. This balancing update will be released September 2nd, 2019 in Clash Royale, with 6 different nerfs and buffs coming. Here are all the balance changes coming to the September August 31, 2019 in Clash Royale, Clash Royale Balance Changes, Clash. New Best Log Bait after Balance Changes! | SirTagCR - Clash Royale Subscribe to Me: Watch Next, 2.6 Hog Rider Deck Guide: This is the clash royale best..

Welcome to the Clash Royale Wiki, the community site all about Supercell's game! Clash Royale is the fast-paced brawler where you collect cards and duel players in real time. Destroy your opponent's Crown Towers, but be sure to defend your own. See you in the arena! GO Badland Brawl • Clash Royale • Duel Masters • Duel Masters PLAY'S • ElectroGirl • Eternal • Exodus TCG • Girls. Supercell is releasing the the December Balance Changs supdate for Clash Royale on December 11th Clash Royale Season 7 balance changes. Season 7 is just around the corner, and we have a bunch of fresh balance changes in place for the new year. Please note that although the Season starts on January 6th, the balance changes will be dropping on January 7th. — NIGHT WITCH. Initial Bat Spawn Speed reduced: 1.3s -> 3.5s; Slower First Hit: -17%.

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Clash Royale Update. The new Clash Royale update is already here and it brings in the biggest balance change in the game in recent years! There are 11 maps in the update list and all of them are getting significant alterations. Also, this time the developers decided to fix their mistake and made a decision to speed up the upgrading of cards. By. I'm back again here to give you the newest update in Clash Royale. And for today the Balance Changes has been released. And for today the Balance Changes has been released. In this Balance Changes, certain changes in the cards will be happened as the cards will be rebalanced to make them in line with the ongoing game

Clash Royale Season 17 balance changes. Supercell released the Clash Royale Season 17 balance update on 3 November, with changes to a total of six cards. Some of the most-used, highly effective cards have seen slight nerfs, including Electro Wizard, Sparky and Graveyard. Then, Supercell also decided to rework Elite Barbarians, slowing down their movement speed but buffing the card in every. Clash Royale's season 22, called P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse will begin on April 5.Ahead of it, Supercell has released the Magic Items update which contains a lot of new features. There will be five. Here are the balance changes for Clash Royale's season 17 Elite Barbarians. Graveyard. This means that skeletons will spawn closer to the edges of the location where the card is spawned. Mini Pekka. Tombstone. Electro Wizard. Sparky. Clash Royale's season 17 is called Treasures of the Old King..

The items have been added to streamline progression in the mobile game. With this update, Supercell is also making balance changes to Clash Royale for the first time in three seasons. The developers have begun balancing the game every quarter instead of monthly changes. Here are the complete patch notes for Clash Royale's Magic Items update This month sees some MINOR changes... We take a look at Golem, Earthquake, Miner, Cannon and Cannon Cart Clash Royale Balance Changes in 2021. After Season 18, we are stopping monthly balance changes. We are instead going to bundle balance changes alongside major content updates, which will result in bigger, more impactful changes. This does not mean we are stopping card balancing. We will still be balancing cards when necessary, they just won't be attached to a monthly season change. WHY? Due. Clash Royale 2021 Balance Change. Starting in 2021, Clash Royale will begin to push balance updates less frequently - from now on, there will be much bigger balance updates that will only coincide with game updates. Now this doesn't restrict balances to only updates - and it means that the dev team is actually more free to balance on the fly. This means that, if a card suddenly becomes super.

The latest update of Clash Royale, i.e., the Season 17 update, has gone live on 3rd November 2020 and has added Pass Royale rewards, Royal Tomb Arena, etc., with some significant balance changes in.. The game undergoes updates every season and these updates bring in a wave of new content and balance changes. A part of the update we received in Season 18 (7 th December) is the new trophy system, this new system changed the way players lose trophies. Let's have a look at how they are reverting this back in the upcoming Season 20 Royal Recruits rework: Count reduced to 5, Distance between recruits reduced (2.6-->2), Hit speed +18% (1.3sec-->1.1sec), Hitpoints +16% (440-->510) Use 0%, Insufficient data for Win% Instead of spreading over the entire battlefield, Royal recruits will now spread over a single lane Hey guys, as always, Supercell is going to releas Clash Royale balance change on January 23rd. This time we are we are getting some huge changes on the most popular cards at the moment: Elite Barbarians, Mega Minion, Zap etc. The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting and looking at the stats - in particular, card use rates and win rates. You can expect.

Clash Royale Season 14 update details. Supercell have brought some balance changes with the Clash Royale Season 14 update. At first glance, these might not look all too major. However, in the competitive scene, these changes make a big difference. First of all, there's a 5% decrease in damage from spells against towers. This is from 35% to 30%, making spell cycle strategies a little less effective. The Miner card also received the same nerf Hey Clashers, as always, Supercell is releasing a new balance change on February 12th to keep things balanced. This time, Mega Knight, Knight, Skeleton Barrel are getting nerf. Let's take a look! Clash Royale February Balance Change Mega Knight Spawn and Jump Damage -25%; Deployment radius reduced (deployment won't hit beyond bridge and river) Skeleton Barrel Skeleton count 8 → 6 Knight.

Clash Royale Season 18 balance changes. A total of 11 cards have received either buffs, nerfs or rewards with Clash Royale Season 18. While Clash Royale Season 18 releases on 7th December, the balance changes will only get deployed on 8th December, one day later as per tradition Clash Royale's upcoming season is right around the corner.It will go live on Aug. 3, but information, including the season's theme and new cosmetic items, has yet to be announced. The balance changes were the first reveal, which was made public last night on Reddit.. The meta will get a significant shift with several buffs and nerfs due the spells' reduction of damage dealt to the Crown. Clash Royale Season 8 Balance Changes - Going Live on Feb 4th: Season 8 Balance Changes - Going Live on Feb 4th; The Community's Turn 2/2/2020: Revitalizing Clash Royale; Sorry to say but now there is nothing new in this game. Same Spawn Challenge again and again..No rework to clan wars..Tournament is trash....No Special Challenges also Whenever supercell can't find a good idea for Season. Clash Royale is introducing a new round of balance changes in the April 2018 update, which is slated to arrive on April 24th, 2018. These balance changes are great, nerfing the tornado and dark prince, while buffing the barbarian barrel and lightning. Here's the full balancing update for Clash Royale

10 best multiplayer games on Android - Be Ou TechClash Royale season 11 now live, highlights dragons | DotClash Royale Season 15 balance changes and Pass Royale rewardsDownload Clash Royale Plus Mod Gems & Crystals For AndroidClash Royale Season 9 celebrates 4-year anniversary | DotClash Royale Season 2: New Shipwreck Island Arena, Pass

Clash Royale June Balance Changes: Which Cards Are Getting Buffed? Spell Stacking - Tornado, Heal and Poison are getting a much-needed buff that now allows them to be stacked for double... Bandit - The bandit was in need of a little love and so she's seeing a hit point increase of 4 percent. She. Clash Royale's Season 22 called P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse will bring new features, balance changes, and new items, which aim to make the progression easier. Published on March 29th, 2021 Supercell released details about the newest season in Clash Royale, which will be called P.E.K.K.A's Playground, and as expected will bring a bunch of new features to the game 0:00 Balance Introduction 0:40 Super Wizard Changes 3:00 Should more Traps be Added? 3:52 Defence Change to Nerf Super Wizards 6:08 Super Archer Changes 7:20 Future Changes / Grand Warden AI 8:50 Visual Changes 9:19 When are Balance Changes Live? Judo Sloth Gaming is a mobile gaming channel focused on Clash of Clans. You will see a variety of.

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