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  3. The GFX 100s will sit alongside the Fujifilm GF 50R, Fujifilm's cheapest medium format camera and one which now undercuts many pro mirrorless cameras with 'only' full frame sensors. Or there is the beautifully sculpted Hasselblad X1D II 50C , another medium format marvels handle much like the best mirrorless cameras
  4. g with a 3.2-inch tilting touchscreen, hybrid viewfinder, a burst speed of 3fps, and video resolution of 1080p. The body design feels like a mirrorless camera, with a chunky rear backplate, but also with plenty of manual controls and a very usable medium format-like viewfinder. Plus points include it's very rounded feature set, excellent image quality and excellent value for money. It may not have the ultimate.
  5. The Fujifilm GFX 50s is for you. This compact and lightweight mirrorless medium format camera is able to capture video in HD in different film simulation modes. It also has focus peaking, with options to adjust the microphone that is internal. It has an intuitive layout of controls and buttons and is very compact for handling
  6. Medium Format on a Budget, Part Two: An Affordable, SLR Style Medium Format Camera; Head-to-Head Comparison: Kodak Portra 400 Versus Kodak Ekta

Obviously a cheap medium format camera doesn't really exist, especially if you're trying to purchase a new one. But, if you dig like we just did, you can find a medium format camera less than a decade old for less than $1,000. We're talking about the Phase One 645DF+ camera. It came out in 2012 with the pretty price tag of nearly $6,000 I was once a beginner and my introduction to medium format photography was on a Yashica-Mat TLR I paid $50 for. Another was the ANSCO B2 Commander which is a 6×6 folding camera. There are literally hundreds of inexpensive folding medium format cameras on eBay at any given moment that are excellent first choices for a beginner A more affordable entry to the medium format system camera category is yet another Mamiya, this time with two lenses instead of one. It's the Mamiyaflex C2, from the well-known and well-loved Mamiya C-series of interchangeable lens TLRs Pentax 645D is the most affordable medium format digital camera. 645D images are very clear, with high details and very low noise level, excellent color rendering, and a tonal range. No exaggeration, it is a unique camera

As is the case with the vast portion of its medium-format brethren, the 645AF and AFD utilized either a 120 or 220 film roll, with a rotating pressure plate that could be adjusted to permit the differing thicknesses. Purchase: $900+ Hasselblad 500C/ Producing the largest 120 negative out there at 6 x 9 cm, this rangefinder has to be one of the most affordable medium format film cameras on the market. The most expensive set-up I found on eBay was selling for just over $1000 Holga 120N Medium Format Fixed Focus Camera with Lens with Fujifilm Fujicolor Pro 400H Color Negative Film, ISO 400, 120 Size. 3.9 out of 5 stars. 43. Electronics. $39.99. $39. . 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Apr 21 The Hasselblad is a medium format camera that has reigned as a leading brand in photography since its production for civilian use in 1948. Most cameras were designed for 6 by 6 and captured incredible images during the day and bright light. Diverse lines included built-in leaf shutters and focal plane shutters. All the accessories are compatible with different models. Other features include their durability, compatibility, and lenses. With the demand for digital cameras, production of the V. Many of us want to make the transition into medium format photography, but find the average cost of entry prohibitive! Hashem shares some of the main options..

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  1. Of this type, popular brands include Leica, Mamiya, and Hasselblad medium format cameras. Digital medium format cameras are slowly attracting the attention of professional photographers who seek to produce high-quality images. While the physical size of full-size medium format cameras means a tripod is a necessity, the smaller and lighter mirrorless and SLR models are as usable as conventional full-frame SLRs
  2. Is this the best cheap medium format film camera? If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV.
  3. (Contax 645: Japan Camera Hunter) Highly regarded as one of the best medium format cameras available on the market, the Contax 645 is an absolutely incredible piece of equipment. The Contax 645 offers a 6 cm. x 4.5 cm. film negative and was introduced in Japan in February 1999
  4. Hasselblad 907X 50C 50MP Mirrorless Medium Format Digital Camera - Black. $7,199.00 New. Hasselblad X1D-50c Medium Format Mirrorless Digital Camera Body Only - Silver and Black. $4,499.00 New. Go to next slide - Best Selling. All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed ; Price + Shipping: lowest first; Price + Shipping: highest first.

Affordable Medium Format Cameras! - YouTube. Affordable Medium Format Cameras! Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute Cheapest Medium Format Film Camera - Holga 120. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out Medium format film cameras capture images that are generally larger than the traditional 35mm photography format. Film cameras offer a traditional way of capturing images and create a beautiful selection of photos for both professional and personal projects. There is a selection of cameras that offer a creative and nostalgic photography experience. Youll find a variety of stand-alone cameras.

Here are a few of our favorite medium format cameras for beginners. We looked for cameras that bridge the gap of affordability and quality. We wanted cameras that don't break the bank but still give a great experience and introduction into medium format. (Still not sure about medium format? We have a list of our favorite 35mm cameras for beginners, too!) Mamiya 645 1000S - Image credit. Used Medium Format Film Cameras With bigger negatives and the ability to produce high-resolution images with less grain than 35mm cameras, medium format cameras are the preferred choice of many pros. As the trusted photographer's marketplace, we at KEH take great pride in our selection of used medium format film cameras This just-announced medium format camera has all the tech of the mighty GFX 100 crammed into a body not much larger than a pro-level full frame mirrorless camera. • Fujifilm GFX 100s vs GFX 100 The GFX 100s will sit alongside the Fujifilm GF 50R , Fujifilm's cheapest medium format camera and one which now undercuts many pro mirrorless cameras with 'only' full frame sensors Medium-Format. Cameras in this category used to cost thousands of dollars — and still do, in some cases. But don't let that dissuade you from experiencing the joy of holding a 4.5×6 — or larger — negative. Here are two cameras that will let you shoot those big, fat, negatives for an affordable price. Mamiya C33 TLR. Mamiya C33 Professional. Image courtesy Rémi Kaupp/Wikipedia. Though.

Enjoy the shoot, and impress your clients. It doesn't get any better than that.Whether you're a student, freelancer, or even production house, Lens Library a.. As one of the last twin-lens cameras still under production - and one of the cheapest pro-quality medium format cameras on the market - the Lubitel+ is an incredible value and an exciting new tool for analog photographers across the world. Add to Cart. 36 Likes. fisheyemary, righthandside, dimalx, lizkoppert, cristina_badulescu, cagel, paul2017, ibkc, crazy_little_red_riding_hood. Probably the cheapest medium format digital camera you will come across. The battery life on the camera is not too shabby and can give you a good number of use hours before it requires charging. It is equipped with a viewfinder and screen combo that makes it easy to use. Improved focus speeds thanks to the light wavelength sensor on the camera's autofocus system. Cons. The ISO range of the. Select medium- format cameras and you'll see new Horseman view cameras and exotic special-purpose Linhofs, all premium priced. New Holga and Diana medium format cameras have their own tab. They're a cheap, cool way to capture soft, dreamy images. All the vintage cameras listed below are readily available used, so check the B&H Used Department and B&H's eBay listings. Four Vintage. These cameras occupy a branch of medium format photography characterized by cheap (or at least cheaply made) cameras designed to give quirky and unpredictable results. The relatively low cost (though some of Lomo's cameras can be quite expensive) and unpredictable effects are the defining traits of this branch of cameras. You can include old folding and box cameras in this section for the.

Cheap Medium Format Camera. Hurry Shop Now Cheap MEDIUM FORMAT CAMERA & all Cameras, Computers, Audio, Video, Accessorie Manufacturer Mamiya (2) Hasselblad (2) Bronica (2) Category Film Medium Format Cameras (4) Digital Medium Format Cameras (5) Medium Format Backs (8) Shop By. Shopping Options. Price — OK. Used Condition. Excellent 3 items; Fair 3 items; Good 12 items; Mint- 3 items; Poor 1 item; View as Grid List. Items 1-15 of 19. Page. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page Next; Show. per page. Medium format cameras are designed to use 120 or 220 roll films. Both 120 and 220 films have a width of 60mm, both are wound around a spindle and have a backing paper. As they are not sealed inside cassettes, medium format films require somewhat more care when loading and rewinding. Unlike 35mm cameras, medium format cameras can come with different aspect ratios most commonly 6 x 4.5cm or 645. 6×6 Medium Format Film Cameras Tutorials In our second installment of our medium format film camera series , we're highlighting 6×6 cameras! 6×6 refers roughly to the size (in centimeters) and ratio of images shot on this type of camera: 6×6 cameras shoot square images

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These cameras are considered the pinnacle of medium format shooting. They have interchangeable lenses, which most other medium format cameras lack. They also have interchangeable film backs allowing you to shoot 120, 220 and even different formats like 6x4.5. These cameras even have interchangeable viewfinders. You can get a waistlevel or a variety of eye level prisms What Are Medium Format Cameras Used For? The downside of medium format cameras is that they are big, bulky, heavy, and fragile. They also have less advanced autofocus systems and slower burst modes. This limits them to certain uses. The main use for medium format cameras is in fashion and advertising photography. The majority of covers for magazines like Vogue or Esquire are shot with a medium format camera. It's the same story with ads. If you're working in a studio, all you. The LC-A 120 is a compact medium format film camera, expanding the classic LC-A style to the popular 6x6 format. Featuring zone-focus and auto exposure. Featuring zone-focus and auto exposure. US$449.9 Medium format cameras can provide the same detail with higher contrast, or much more detail for a given contrast level, because bigger sensors need to achieve less resolution for capturing the same detail. You can compensate this, to some extent, by making more perfected lenses for smaller formats. In practice, the size of the capture device is one of the most powerful variables determining the image quality (resolution, detail, tonal range, etc.) of the final image

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Check out the technically-perfect Ilford and Kodak 120 filmrange, or get more creative with Washi or Cinestill 120 film. If you're looking for recommendations, check out our article on the Best Medium Format Camera Film! NB: this is the format sometimes mistakenly tagged as 120mm film. Ilford HP5 Plus - 120 Film Folding Cameras: Medium Format in the Pocket 35 70 Share Tweet. Folding cameras have been the typical amateur camera from the beginning of the 20th century to the 50s, mostly using either 120 or 620 medium format film. We probably all know the look of the typical bellows, giving us an image of a vintage camera from the past. But does it make sense to still use them as a Lomographer today? Here.

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Select medium- format cameras and you'll see new Horseman view cameras and exotic special-purpose Linhofs, all premium priced. New Holga and Diana medium format cameras have their own tab. They're a cheap, cool way to capture soft, dreamy images. All the vintage cameras listed below are readily available used, so check the B&H Used Department and B&H's eBay listings Diana F + is a medium format camera. It requires a 120 mm film, which is much wider than usual. So, it's the best film camera, if you want to get square shots. One of the main advantages of this model is its minimal weight. The case is made of plastic, so the device is comfortable to hold in hands. The possibility of taking multiple exposure shots is another remarkable feature FUJIFILM GFX 100 Medium Format Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) B&H # 2256123 MFR # 600020930. 21 Reviews. Key Features. 102MP 43.8 x 32.9mm BSI CMOS Sensor. X-Processor 4 Image Processor. Removable 5.76m-Dot OLED EVF. 3.2 2.36m-Dot Tilting Touchscreen LCD. See All Details The new FUJIFILM GFX 50S Medium Format Camera Body will be available Late February, 2017 in the U.S. and Canada for USD $6,499.95 and CAD $8,499.99. Also available in February, 2017 will be the first three FUJINON GF lenses. GF63mmF2.8 R WR for USD $1,499.95 and CAD $1,899.99, GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR for USD $2,299.95 and CAD $2,999.99, and GF120mmF4 R LM OIS WR Macro for USD $2,699.95 and CAD $3,499.99

The medium format film market is surprisingly healthy, and the 120 roll film format is relatively inexpensive. It's versatile too, as some cameras use it for 6cm x 6cm square images, narrower 6cm x 4.5cm negatives or wider 6cm x 7cm or even 6cm x 9cm shots. Again, we've organized these films into color negative, black and white and color transparency films The Pentax 645D has received yet another major drop in price. Originally retailing for $10,000 when it was introduced five years ago, this 40 MP medium format monster is now selling for $4,000,.. A new Kickstarter campaign is seeking funding for I'm Back, a relatively low-cost digital back for medium format cameras. Like the existing 135 format versions, it uses a compact camera-sized sensor that photographs a ground glass panel mounted at the film plane. The digital back supports a number of analog cameras, including the Mamiya RB67, 645, and C330, Rolleiflex Automat, Bronica Etrsi, and others

Although it's becoming cheaper every day to get into digital medium format, I didn't want to buy a CCD system. I thought that a film camera could do the trick until I could splurge on a full. Buy and sell used medium format film cameras at KEH Camera store. Shop our wide selection of medium format cameras, and save up to 40% off retail price Wista 45DX 4X5 Camera with Schneider 150mm + 90mm Lenses + Holders + Film $ 1,568.00; Toyo 45CF ultralight 4X5 Camera W/ 150mm + 210mm lenses + holders + film FRESNEL $ 1,895.00 Sold Out; Graflex Speed Graphic 4X5 Camera with 127mm Lens + Holders + FILM *CLA* $ 650.00; Zone VI 4X5 field camera with 90mm + 150mm Lenses + Holders + film $ 1,500.00 Sold Ou

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The 907X 50C mirrorless medium format digital camera is comprised of the modernised CFV II 50C digital back and the brand new 907X camera body, con... $6,399.00 BUY NOW. H6D. H6D-100c Medium Format DSLR Camera (Body Only) Continuing the success story of the 50MP CMOS sensor we have added a 100MP option to the range, delivering unmatchable image quality and the abilit... $32,995.00 Out of Stock. Our first medium-format digital camera is garnering flattering attention from the photography world for delivering 40-megapixel image quality at an attractive price. The PENTAX 645D's 44x33-millimeter CCD produces ultra-high resolution images ideal for even the largest of print sizes

A mid-range digital medium-format camera will run somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000; an excellent one will be closer to $30,000. That's the cost equivalent of a film-based Hasselblad 500C/M and 2,800 rolls of film. In fairness, you'll need to buy a good scanner to get the best of your film shots, but even including that it's still a significant savings unless you're shooting a lot and getting compensated well for it. So concrete reason number one why I'm in love. This next camera is different from the rest, but I'd like to include it just in case there are some of you out there interested in getting into medium format photography. The Holga 120N is by all means a toy camera, but it will completely open your eyes to the differences between shooting 35mm and 120, medium format film

It's not cheap by any stretch, but its $5,500 price tag puts it far more in the reach of the enthusiast than ever before. Who is the Fujifilm GFX 50R for? The Fujifilm GFX 50R is for serious photographers looking for the exceptional image quality of a medium format camera. It's especially great for commercial fashion and advertising photography where every megapixel counts, but as. A flat-packed, customizable medium-format cardboard camera to build from the bottom up, plus a lens you can fill with liquid alongside a shutter & aperture module for endless experimentation - let your creative spirit run wild! LomoMod No.1. US$59.00. Add to Cart. DIY Kamera Kit. US$98.90. View Details. LomoMod No.1 B&W Cine Kit . US$67.90. Preorder Now. LomoMod Do it All 120 Kit. US$124.54. Traditional Camera Film For 35mm, 120 Roll and Medium Format Cameras discountfilmsdirect.co.uk Discount Films Direct for Cheap Photographic Camera Film We know that lugging around a bulky camera capable of taking high-quality medium-format shots is often the one obstacle between you and your photos. We love 120 format photography just as much as you do, which is why we're delighted to present this camera that's equipped with tons of customizable features yet compact in size. The Belair X 6-12 makes taking the professional-grade panoramas.

A totally original medium-format camera with automatic shutter settings Takes breathtaking 6x12 panoramic photos as well as 6x6 square format and 6x9 photos. Exchangeable lens system for experimentation and flexibility. High quality lenses crafted by an experienced optics team. The Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter comes with both a 90mm and 58mm lens. Extensive ISO Range: 50-1600. Customers also viewed. Leica Camera AG (/ ˈ l aɪ k ʌ /) is a German company that manufactures cameras, lenses, binoculars, rifle scopes, microscopes and ophthalmic lenses.The company was founded by Ernst Leitz in 1869 (Ernst Leitz Wetzlar), in Wetzlar, Germany.In 1986, the Leitz company changed its name to Leica, due to the fame of the Leica trade-name.The name Leica is derived from the first three letters of the.

ROLLEIFLEX Dbp Dbgm Medium Format Large Camera. $1,000.00. 0 bids. $50.70 shipping. Ending Apr 27 at 4:09AM PDT 6d 21h. or Best Offer. Rolleiflex 3.5E DBP DBGM Carl Zeiss Planar 75mm F / 3.5 | F / 2.5 Heidosmat. $700.00. $15.20 shipping. or Best Offer. 31 watching. Rolleiflex Film Camera. Used, Excellent Condition. Antiques. $380.00 . 0 bids. $11.95 shipping. Ending Apr 25 at 2:26PM PDT 5d 8h. Medium format cameras have the unique capability to combine the features of a wide angle lens and a long lens all in one device. While it allows you to get a wider field of view, you also get the background compression and shallow depth of field that you would get with a long lens. Distinct Look and Feel . Even when viewing medium format images on the web, its signature look is apparent.

Choosing Medium Format Film Cameras. Medium format film cameras make use of the 120 film size. This film format captures images that are larger than 35mm film and smaller than 102 x 127mm film used by large format cameras. There isn't a standard film size for medium format cameras, as it varies depending on the manufacturer. To choose the right. If you're looking for rangefinders, SLRs, modular medium format SLRs, folding cameras or TLR camera, they're all here. Zenit. Zenit is a 35mm SLR camera brand that most people have heard of. The Zenit was created by KMZ, which produced many different brands that I'll be describing here. The brand was then produced by BelOMO. Information about the brand's current status is hard to find in. Learn about and buy 120 film for your analog medium format camera. We have put together a collection of our favourite 120 films to help you choose the right film for you. We offer color films, black and white films and slide films together with example photos and descriptions of each film Medium format cameras use film much, much bigger than 35mm or digital, and thus give much higher quality. It's also almost as easy to use as 35mm and digital, and in some ways easier. With quality better than 35 mm or digital and almost equal ease-of-use you'll see why it has always been a popular format for many kinds of professional photography, especially portraiture Our favourite collection of black and white 120 film for medium format cameras, including products from Ilford, Kodak and Lomography. Home; Color film; Black & white film; Slide film; Medium format cameras; Blog; How to choose 120 film; Glossary; Photography resources; About us; Black and white 120 film. If you are aiming for the old school, classic look - try some of these great black and.

Fujifilm GFX 50R 51.4MP Mirrorless Medium Format Camera (Body Only) Hasselblad X1D II 50C 50MP Medium Format Mirrorless Camera Body. Panasonic LUMIX S1R Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with 47.3MP MOS High Resolution Sensor, L-Mount Lens Compatible, 4K HDR Video and 3.2 LCD - DC-S1RBODY. Sony α7R IV Full-frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (ILCE7RM4/B) Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to. The cheapest GFX camera is a stunner - it's smaller, lighter, cheaper and easier to use than its main rivals. Priced at £3999 / $4499, it's also very affordable, on par with a high-end full-frame camera rather than most medium-format cameras

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This Adapter Will Turn Your Phone Into an Uber-Cheap Medium Format Digital Back. Aug 02, 2013. Michael Zhang . Share. Tweet. 37. A proper digital back for medium format cameras can easily set you. Hasselblad is a leading manufacturer of digital medium format cameras and lenses. Hasselblad cameras are renowned for their iconic design, uncompromising image quality, and high performance

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Best cheap full-frame camera 2020: large sensors for little cash Amy Davies 6/18/2020. Jefferson Davis' chair, stolen from an Alabama cemetery, has been recovered and 2 people have been arrested. KEH's selection of used digital cameras offers something for everyone. For the beginner photographer, we offer convenient, easy-to-use compact digital cameras from well-known brands like Canon, Nikon, and Leica.For the photography pros, we stock top-of-the-line digital SLRs, rangefinders and digital medium format cameras at an unbeatable value Amazon.in: Buy Fujifilm X Series GFX 50S 51.4MP Mirrorless Medium Format Camera (Black (Body Only)) online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Check out Fujifilm X Series GFX 50S 51.4MP Mirrorless Medium Format Camera (Black (Body Only)) reviews, ratings, features, specifications and browse more Fujifilm products online at best prices on Amazon.in

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Pentax 645Z Specification - Improved performance and more resolution. Pentax caused something of a stir back in 2010 with the release of an 'affordable' digital medium format SLR in the shape of the Pentax 645D.Nearly four years on, it's now been updated with the launch of the new Pentax 645Z, featuring a new 51.4Mp CMOS sensor, as opposed to the 40Mp CCD variety used on the 645D Jede Woche neue Kameras Angebote. Nur solange der Vorrat reicht! Bestelle Marken-Kameras günstig online im notebooksbilliger online Shop

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Cheyenne reviews a high-quality, affordable, and classic medium format folding film camera, the Franka Solida II-R. read mor This is not the best cheap camera, it is the best mirrorless medium format camera body that can be recommended to those who appreciate the highest quality for the final image. A huge medium format matrix with a resolution of 50 megapixels allows you to get the clarity of the edges, details and low noise at an unsurpassed high level. The GFX viewfinder is one of the best in the class. The camera lacks speed in the continuous shooting, but if three frames per second are odd for DSLRs and. The Phase One XF 100MP is a medium format camera with extremely high sensor resolution. It is a modular concept comprised of the Phase One XF camera body, which was introduced in the summer of 2015, and the brand-new IQ3 100MP digital back. The body has a 90-degree prism viewfinder and includes a Schneider-Kreuznach 80mm LS f/2.8 lens. As expected, this does not come cheap: the total price for this kit is $48,990 USD, as of this writing, and is the most expensive camera system we. With I'm Back® MF you can take full format digital pictures, make videos and always switch back to analog film photography. I'm Back® MF is a low cost and multi brand digital back, all you need is only one device and you can start using again the 6x4.5, 6X6 and 6X7 cm analog cameras. I'm Back® MF is suitable for those who always wanted to have a hybrid full frame camera working with photographic films or in digital mode

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Size and Weight. Despite being a medium format 6×6 camera, the Mamiya 6 MF is significantly smaller and lighter than the competition. It weighs just over 40 oz. (1100-ish grams), and is approximately 6 x 4.5 x 4.5 with the 75mm lens extended and 6 x 4.5 x 3.5 (both WxHxD) with it retracted Medium-format backs range in price from $4,000 used to around $35,000 new. The pricing is certainly difficult to get past, but the image quality it absolutely astounding. With both crop and full. They were cheap and simple to use, all you had to do was fill up the roll of film with photos, take it out and dispose of the camera itself. Rangefinder and SLR film cameras are also very common. Rangefinder cameras are best known for taking 35mm film, which is the standard film size for most cameras and it is readily available. They usually come with a split image rangefinder, which allows you to measure the distance of the subject and take photographs that are perfectly focused

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Lightweight and portable, the X1D II 50C lets you take the power of medium format in a footprint smaller than most full frame 35mm cameras. Individually calibrated for optimal performance, its large 50-megapixel medium format CMOS sensor (43.8 x 32.9mm) features outstanding colour depth and a huge dynamic range of 14 stops. Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution technology is integrated into the camera's system, delivering superb, true-to-life tones that match what the human eye sees. Blending. Introduction to Medium Format Photography 13 June 2005 How to get great results cheap! Also includes lots about TLRs, Rollei, Yashica, Seagull and Mamiya TLRs, as well as folding cameras and how to use them all. About the film and format. How to Load 120 Film . Camera Reviews: Regula Often nicknamed the Hasselbladski, the original Kiev 88 medium-format camera was based off the Hasselblad 1600F and called Salyut. Mass production began in 1957, and even though it was a copy of the 1600F, it was definitely a bit roughly designed. Film backs and lenses between the two systems were not 100% compatible, and didn't exactly fit. So don't expect to buy a cheaper Kiev 88 body online today and slap on a new Carl Zeiss 80mm f/2.8 without any issues

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Amazon.com : Holga 120N Plastic Camera : Medium Format Film Cameras : Camera & Photo. Add to your order. 3 Year Camera Accident Protection Plan. from Asurion, LLC. 1972. $4.99. NO ADDITIONAL COST: You pay $0 for repairs - parts, labor and shipping included. COVERAGE: Plan starts on the date of purchase. Drops, spills and cracked screens due to. We stock an extensive range of second hand cameras with a 12 month warranty. So you can buy your refurbished and second hand camera equipment with full confidence! From Used DSLR and Compact Cameras to secondhand Rangefinder and Film Cameras, you're sure to find the perfect second hand camera for your next photo opportunity Medium Format Film Cameras. Medium format film cameras are differentiate from other cameras in that they produce still film photos no smaller than 24 by 36 millimetres, and no larger than four by five inches. This SLR camera is popular for creating high image quality, and their manual nature. For example, autofocus has never been available on medium format film cameras. Photos can easily enlarge, and the depth of field is great, with the ability to capture close foreground and far background. A TRUE CULT CLASSIC OF ANALOGUE PHOTOGRAPHY. Available both in its original 120 medium format and photo lab friendly 35mm versions, the astounding Holga is here to reawaken your vision, fill you with joy and make you see beauty when you thought it had disappeared forever. Meet the Holga family The medium format camera project (Peter Johansson) Lee Lira (6 x 14 cameras) Joe Van Cleave (8 x 10 box tailboard camera, video) Handmade precision cameras (Arturo Rebora) Handmade 6 x 17 panorama camera (M.R. Alvandi) The world's smallest wet plate camera (Kevin Klein) Darkroom enlarger turned into large format camera

Shoot stunning lo-fi shots on this super creative medium-format camera. US$99.90. Add to Cart. Sale. Diana SLR Lens Adapter—Nikon Mount . Adapt your Nikon SLR camera to the Diana F+ aesthetic with this lens adapter! Regular Price: US$14.00 . Special Price: US$7.00 . Add to Cart. Diana+ 35mm Back. Shoot all types (color, slide, B&W) of 35mm film with your Diana F+ camera. US$49.00. Add to. The Intrepid Camera Co. is raising funds for The Intrepid 4x5 Camera - An Affordable Large Format Camera on Kickstarter! The Intrepid Camera is a high quality and affordable 4x5 field camera, it's light weight and capable of creating breath taking images When it debuted in 2016, the Hasselblad X1D was a revelation: the first mirrorless, medium format camera. That is, one with a sensor about 1.7 times larger than a normal 'full-frame' shooter and without a big, heavy reflex mirror. This packed the tech and image quality that was previously the domain of $60,000 studio cameras into a smaller-than-a-DSLR package that was a more reasonable. Buy Pentax 645Z Medium Format DSLR Camera (Body Only) featuring 51.4MP CMOS Sensor - 43.8 x 32.8 mm, Prime III Image Processor, Anti-Alias Filter-Less Design, 3.2 1037K Dot Tiltable Air-Gapless LCD, Full HD 1080 60i/30p/24p Video Capture, ISO Sensitivity Range of 100 - 204,800, SAFOX II TTL 27 Point Autofocus System, 3 fps Continuous Shooting, Weather Sealed Magnesium Alloy Body, Pentax Flucard and Eye-Fi Compatible. Review Pentax 645 Mamiya Leaf makes medium format digital cameras. The best camera system in the world, Now compatible with Leaf Credo. New Modular Viewfinders New One-Touch User Interface New HAP-1 AF system SHOOT ANYTHING ANYWHERE ANYTIME The new Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses . 35mm AF f3.5 55mm AF f2.8 80mm AF f2.8 110mm AF f2.8 150mm AF f3.5 120mm AF f4.0 Macro. SHOOT ANYTHING ANYWHERE ANYTIME.

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